Saturday, October 30, 2010

Parowan Gap

So, I got to climb at Parowan Gap with a couple of the girls I met at the bouldering competition (Louise and Mickey). I really enjoy being able to climb outside - very refreshing.

To give you some perspective, Mickey (in the yellow shirt) is climbing near the bottom, right-hand side of the might have to zoom in.

I thought this was kind of a dramatic photo (what with the fierce clouds in the background).

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Even though I don't go all-out when I make breakfast/lunch/dinner, it seems as though Dustin has caught-on to how important food and cooking are. Whenever I'm in the kitchen, Dustin has to be in the kitchen doing kitchen-like things too. Lately he says "cook" when he wants to help out with the cooking.

What a cute smile.

Here's my little cooking buddy. Maybe he'll be more fortunate than me and actually be somewhat talented in the kitchen.

Monday, October 25, 2010

2nd Haircut

I gave Dustin a haircut. Besides being frustrated with all the itchy hair on his face, he did great!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Silly Man

Dustin thought it was pretty funny that he climbed all the way to the top of the couch.

Somehow, Dustin miraculously balanced that plastic cup (the one that's floating) on the little silicone straw at the top of his sippy cup. Unfortunately, my camera didn't capture the moment until...well, after the moment.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Grand Day

Today, my dear husband let me compete in a bouldering competition at the school (it really took most of the day). It was super fun just to be able to compete and meet other climbers in the community. I ended up doing quite well in the competition, and what's more, when I returned home, I checked the mail as usual (it's one of my favorite "jobs") and received my acceptance letter to nursing school! What a happy day!

Friday, October 8, 2010

A Very Brief Update

Look at how big he's getting!

This was the day of the rained A LOT for several days.

Just being cute and playing with his stuffed animals.

The most valued toy of all - a small saucepan.

Dustin is growing so fast! He is definitely beginning to act like a toddler; in fact, just a few hours ago, Kearney brought him out of the bathroom after which he yelled, fell to the floor, and cried until he stopped breathing (evident because he instantly went quiet, started flailing his legs, and his face went purple). Whew! I think Kearney and I have an interesting life ahead of us. Dustin is really starting to pick-up on the whole talking thing. Just the other day, he said "rainbow" as I was showing him the rainbow in the sky. Yesterday he started saying "poop." At this point, he can say "daddy, mommy, dad, mom, no, stop, don't, up, down, out, poop, horse, dog, shoe, meow, uh oh, ball, hi, bye, Nana, ya (for c-ya);" maybe I'm forgetting some, maybe not. Today, he started a new thing where he doesn't want to be taken from his crib when he wakes up (in the AM/after his nap). It was pretty entertaining, and of course I took advantage of the situation. Every time he freaked out about leaving his crib, I left him alone and did some chore around the house for a few more minutes. He can now open the toilet seat lid (as of this week), so everything is going into the toilet. He likes to use my hairbrush and dryer to brush and "dry" his hair. He tries to climb on everything and thinks it's super cool to climb on something and then stand on it until he gets my attention. He grabbed his diapers out of his diaper bag the other day, laid down on the floor and set them on top of his pants. He knows how to knock on doors, tries to put our keys in the screw indentation on the doorknobs, and still has a complete obsession with pots and pans. It's true, what everyone says about them growing up faster than you can imagine. Even though I want to pull my hair out at times, I just can't help but to give him loves and kisses nonstop - he's just so cute and lovable.