Thursday, July 1, 2010


Yesterday Kearney, Dustin and I were on our way to Bicknell to have my dad fix Kearney's tooth issues. For the most part (besides Kearny's tooth hurting like the dickens and both of us feeling completely exhausted), the first 2 hours of the drive were just fine. Dustin had finally fallen asleep and after checking on him and noticing a very kinked neck, I unbuckled my seat belt, turned around, placed his blanket on each side of his head and began to turn back around...and WHAM! In the time it took me to unbuckle my seat belt, turn around and fix Dustin's head/neck, Kearney had fallen asleep. We smashed head-on into a guardrail. I remember hearing the loud smashing noise, closing my eyes, shielding my head with my arms, and being tossed around like a ping-pong ball. It probably didn't take long, but while I was being thrown around I remember thinking "when is this going to end." We came to a stop, I looked around and realized what had just happened, looked at my breath (from the airbag gasses), jumped in the backseat, got Dustin out, started yelling at Kearney to get out of the car, and jumped out of and moved away from the car. Within seconds, a car and a truck pulled up and lucky for us, one of the individuals must have been an EMT...he used his walkytalky to request police support, etc. The Malibu was totalled, we took out 7 guardrail posts, and we're all okay. Dustin fared the best (thank goodness for nice rear-facing car seats), Kearney probably got a minor concussion and hurt his hand because the driver side door was smashed inwards into the car, and I got some serious whiplash and lots of purple and red bruises/abrasions. I'd say we were lucky...or blessed.

(Sorry. No pictures. The only ones with cameras were the police officers.)

When Kearney and Jo drove back to Bicknell to return my dad's truck, they stopped at the guardrail and the wrecking yard to take some pictures of the guardrail/car. (My camera and/or SD card malfunctioned and I had to have all of these pictures, including the ones from Dustin's 1st B-day, recovered. Talk about bad karma or something.)