Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Farewell Wedding Dress

Stuff? No, not just stuff! My wedding dress is in that box. We sent my wedding dress to my mother so one of her nice lady friends can cut it into lots of little pieces and make baby blessing outfits out of it. When we were packing it in the box, Kearney asked me to try it on one last time and he really meant it...he kind of forgot that I'm only 9 months pregnant. I got a little teary-eyed.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Sunday Pictures

On Thursday, we had another 2-week OB appointment (at 34 and a half weeks). It went just as well as all the others. My blood pressure was healthy, I gained a little more weight, my belly measured 35 cm, and the baby's heart rate was 138 bpm. We have our last 2-week appointment next Thursday...and then we're down to every week. Yikes!

Does my nose look larger, or has it always been that big?

There she blows! I can't imagine getting any bigger than this...but I still have 5 more weeks!

Just looking around.

The Baby Shower

This is my friend, Mary, playing a game at the baby shower. She's got skills! She was the very fastest at hanging clothes on a clothesline while talking on a phone and holding a baby. Well, I hope it was fun for everyone that came, because it sure was fun for me!

Slot Canyon in Bicknell

Kearney and I visited Bicknell about a month ago, and while exploring the great outdoors, we discovered this beautiful slot canyon. I think I did pretty well for a pregnant woman...I even peed in the wilderness once we made it to the top.